Client Testimonials – Airola Law Offices


BJ – Past Client

“Mr. Airola helped me with two cases. He handled our first case with such professionalism and knowledge in the area that I didn’t hesitate to ask him for help on my second case a few years later. The second case was regarding my elderly mother. He even made a trip out to my mom’s house so she wouldn’t have to travel to him. Mr. Airola was so easy to talk with. He and his staff were very professional, accommodating and prompt. I would never hesitate to use them again if needed. We had an easy, wonderful experience and were very happy with them.”

Dominic and Libbye Gulino – Past Client

“John was able to get the two insurance companies involved in our case to pay the maximum amount for the injuries my wife sustained in the accident she was involved in, where there were two negligent drivers at fault for the accident. He was extremely thoughtful, caring, and thorough in his handling of our case. He was even able to get me a settlement even though I was not involved directly in the accident, but was severely affected by the injuries my wife incurred due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the accident. Most lawyers would not have thought to address my mental and emotional distress caused by the outcome of what had happened to my wife and how it affected us by causing us to miss a very important event in our lives, the memorial service, burial, and family gathering for my own mother. I was the closest person in the world to my mother, and this tragic accident caused me to miss her funeral service. His compassion and guidance helped us through an extremely difficult time in our lives. We were very grateful to have John represent us.”

DH – Past Client

“John and Tuesday were wonderful and actually came referred to me by another client who raved about their services. They were able to settle my case, pay all the bills, negotiate with creditors after large medical bills piled up, reimburse myself and left me feeling secure and especially safe at the end of the day. I will continue to use them for future accidents and recommend them to everyone I know!”

CLJ – Past Client

“John has handled two cases for me over the years. He was very professional, easy to talk to and appeared to have a lot of experience in my area of need. I only needed to meet with him once to explain my side. He then became my advocate dealing with the insurance company on my behalf. He made it totally stress free from my perspective. He fought on my behalf and won a positive outcome in my favor. I am happy to recommend him for your legal needs.”

GH – Past Client

“I was represented by the Airola Law Offices with my case when no one else would fight for me. John and Tuesday Airola went to bat for me right away. They took the time to listen to my side of the story and were able to represent me professionally. Along with their extensive knowledge, experience in the law and their willingness to assist me in anything I needed, they made a frightful situation turn into pleasant one. They were right there by my side throughout the whole process. I never felt abandoned or pushed off to the side. If I ever need to be represented or if I could recommend anyone, it would without a doubt be the Airola Law Offices.”

HH – Past Client

“The Airola Law Offices stepped in to help me when the insurance company would not. The Airola Law Offices guided me through the process and made it comfortable and easy to understand. John Airola, was very professional, knowledgeable, and organized in presenting my case, unlike the insurance company attorneys. All we want in this stressful time is someone to help us and to care. That’s the Airola Law Offices.”

RH – Past Client

“John, as a “past client” I was very happy with the work your firm did. Tuesday did go out of her way to work the medical lien downward, and everyone in your office was very professional. Your experience in the industry led to obtaining 100% of the maximum benefit from the insurance company. The reason I engaged your firm was the insurance company attitude towards me and my claim (very negative). I didn’t have time to deal with them at that level of negativity. Turning them over to you completely erased that stress.”

Michael Freddie – Past Client

“My name is Michael Freddie and I can only speak from one perspective me as a client in need of assistance. I looked around and found many choices of who I could hire to handle my case. After asking many questions to many firms I hired the Airola Law Offices. Based on the outcome I know that I hired the right firm to handle my personnel injury case. The Airola Law Offices helped ease the stress that I was feeling in dealing with, or trying to deal with, the insurance company who’s driver was clearly at fault totaling my vehicle, yet the insurance company was acting as if I was at fault. The Airola Law Offices did so many things right and made me feel at ease and calm throughout the entire process. My phone calls where promptly returned, I was never made to feel that I was bothersome with my questions and the entire staff was very professional and easy to talk with. I was very happy in my dealings with John and Tuesday Airola.”

TH – Past Client

“John: I want to thank you and your office for all the work you did on my case. It felt effortlessly on my part. Also, a big thank you to your better half, Tuesday, as she was truly a pleasure to work with. Many thanks!”

MH and RH – Past Client

“We had a delightful experience when we selected Airola Law Offices to handle our case! The Airola Law Offices communicated with us and explained every step of our case thoroughly. We did not have to deal with any of the stress associated with dealing with from the insurance company. Airola Law Offices handled our case efficiently and eliminated all the stress. We were elated with the end result of our case, and highly venerate and recommend Airola Law Offices!”

DM – Past Client

“I would highly recommend Airola Law Offices to represent anyone with an injury case. They fought for me and relieved all stress! John & Tuesday were extremely easy to work with and very professional. I found them to be very experienced, and could not be happier with their overall performance!”

Pastor Gregory B. Matthews, Sr. – Past Client

“John: I thought it appropriate to acknowledge my gratitude, appreciation and admiration of your excellent services over the past decade and a half. Regarding all of the cases you have represented my family and I in, from the initial red light runner collision in 1997, then the dog bite incident with my granddaughter, followed by the failure to yield to oncoming traffic with my daughter and son-in-law, and now my son and his red light runner collision, we have experienced prompt, attentive, favorable results in daunting circumstances! Medical bills have been paid, cars replaced, and my granddaughter is about to greatly prosper from the structured settlement you had established for her as a result of the dog bite incident. Your professional diligence, prowess and friendship has greatly benefited my entire family. I have, and will continue to highly recommend you to my extended family, friends and acquaintances as the need arises! Thank you John Airola and Airola Law Offices for being there when we need you! Keep up the effectual professionalism! You have, and will continue to positively impact many lives! Respectfully and cordially, ”

HM – Past Client

“John and Tuesday were such a relief to me! They handled my case so smoothly. They were able to settle my case in one quarter of the time that I anticipated it would take and they settled for the maximum benefit for me. They really know what they need to do and they do it! Airola Law Offices were a blessing to me. Really!”

ML – Past Client

“Airola Law Offices was extremely professional and helpful during a difficult time after being injured in a car accident. Their level of experience really shined through their work. Airola Law Offices were hands on after an overwhelming situation. They put me at ease, stayed in touch, were very empathetic and sympathetic. They dedicated themselves to ensuring that my needs as a client were met. I would highly recommend John and Tuesday Airola to anyone looking for a job well done!”