Auto Accidents


We Represent Clients In a Wide Range of Auto Accident Claims


How do you know if you have an auto accident claim? If you were injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another motorist, you have the right to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other losses. Each claim will be assessed on its own merits, but generally speaking, if you were injured and it was not your fault, you should explore your rights and options.
Almost all car accidents involve the negligence or recklessness of another driver or motorist. At Airola Law Offices, we are dedicated to helping people who have been injured by negligent drivers.

If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident, contact Airola Law Offices. We represent clients in Sacramento and throughout Northern California in car accident claims. We are committed to providing vigorous representation and highly personalized service to each of our valued clients.

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Our attorneys practice exclusively in personal injury law to provide the skilled and experienced representation you require. We have handled thousands of personal injury cases and have a proven record of results. Attorney John Airola is a former insurance defense attorney with more than 25 years of experience in personal injury law. His inside knowledge of the insurance industry is a decided advantage in complex personal injury claims. Together John Airola and Tuesday Airola have over 35 years of combined legal experience in personal injury law.

We have handled many different kinds of car accident claims, including: 

We Will Fight For You

Distracted driving

 Distracted driving involves a variety of dangerous activities, such as texting, talking on a cellphone, eating or drinking, arguing and grooming or putting on make-up. Any of these activities has the potential to be deadly because they take the driver’s attention off the road. Our firm holds negligent parties accountable for distracted driving accidents. We will gather the evidence and build a strong case so you can recover the compensation you are entitled to receive. 

Texting and driving


Recent studies have shown that texting and driving is more debilitating than drinking and driving. Although California bans texting and driving, many still do it. Our attorneys gather cellphone records and other evidence to find proof that a driver was distracted by texting at the time of the accident.

Drunk driving


Drunk driving remains the top cause of auto accidents and fatalities in the U.S. Although the impact is staggering, insurance companies still try to deny claims. When gathering evidence, we interview witnesses, review police reports and other records to build your case. We have a strong track record of winning.

Reckless and aggressive driving


Anyone who jeopardizes the health and lives of others by tailgating, speeding, racing, driving too fast for conditions or driving under the influence is driving recklessly. Our lawyers are extremely aggressive when pursuing a claim against these forms of aggressive drivers. We want to make sure you receive the highest possible compensation for your injuries.

Intersection accidents


Intersections are hazardous. Frequently there are accidents because a driver fails to stop at a stoplight or stop sigh, speeds or races through an intersection, fails to yield to a pedestrian or bicyclist, because he or she wasn’t paying attention. Whether you were rear-ended, T-boned or had an accident with someone who turned onto the main road without looking, we can help. Our firm is successful because we understand how the insurance company approaches auto claims.

Head-on collisions


Head-on collisions often result in the most severe injuries, including death. Our attorneys are dedicated to obtaining justice for people injured in car accidents. We have more than 30 years of legal experience handling these types of complicated claims.

Rear-end collisions


Rear-end collisions may initially seem minor, but they often result in soft-tissue injuries, such as whiplash and back injuries. Even a slow moving impact can cause disks in the spinal cord to get pulled out of alignment. Other injuries include bruising, cuts and joint damage. Symptoms may take weeks to appear. Before settling with an insurance company, speak to one of our attorneys about your options.

Hit-and-run accidents


People often assume there is nothing they can do if they were hit in a hit-and-run accident. Even if it is not possible to identify the person who hit you, you should be able to get relief through uninsured motorist coverage. Our lawyers bring their understanding of insurance industry tactics to every case. We will utilize it to your advantage when preparing your case.

Parental liability for teenage drivers

In California, parents are liable for the actions of their teen drivers until they turn 18. If you were injured by a teen driver, the parents will be responsible for any damages caused. If the parents knew that their teen was not able to drive the car safely, they could be charged with negligent entrustment as well. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand how to handle car accident claims to obtain the best possible result. 

Uninsured motorists


Although California requires all drivers to maintain auto insurance coverage on their vehicles, many don’t. If you were hit by a driver without insurance, your own insurance should cover you. Don’t expect them to play fair. Insurance companies look after themselves first. Let Airola Law Offices make sure you get the compensation you are due.

Negligent roadway design

Cities and municipalities are responsible for designing and maintaining roads in such a way that they do not pose an undue risk to drivers. This includes making sure stoplights, guardrails, and other signs are properly in place and maintained and hazards such as potholes, bumps or slippery pavement are promptly taken care of once notified. If bad road conditions caused you to have an accident, let us help.


SUV rollovers


SUVs are more prone to rollover accidents because they have a higher center of gravity than other cars. Even with a seat belt, injuries are often severe. Our firm is dedicated to making sure personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve. We know how insurance industries work and we know what it takes to get results.